Local Business Hot Tea Mama launches new line

Bethan Thomas, founder of HotTea Mama, based in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire, is on a mission to support women’s wellbeing. 

Uniquely backed by science, each tea is thoughtfully blended by Bethan, who is also a Tea Scientist (yes that’s a thing!) draws on years of unique experience, being the first non-Chinese person (at the time) to graduate in Tea Science from the Agricultural & Forestry University in Fujian, China. Having previously worked as a tea buyer for some of the UK's biggest tea brands - she is undoubtedly the tealeaf brain behind the brand! 

Whether women are suffering from a hormonal imbalance, gut health issues or hot flushes – or simply looking for an everyday caffeine free pick me up, from morning to night – HotTea Mama will help. 

The collection of eight whole leaf teas, will support women through the daily (and monthly) struggles, from PMS, to pregnancy, parenthood to perimenopause.

Their plant-based, corn starch tea bags are plastic free, gluten free and vegan friendly and can be used for 2 cups each, making them great value for money! Truly natural, they are heat sealed so no glue is used, and the teabags and packaging are all biodegradable; not only helping women through life but caring for mother earth too.